Reem Emirates Aluminum was established in May 2006, to provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions to the fast-growing construction industry in the UAE and the Gulf region. At its inception, the main focus of Reem Emirates Aluminum was architectural finishing and metalwork; now the company specialized in architectural curtain-wall and cladding for buildings. The Abu Dhabi factory is built on an area exceeding 80,000 square meters and is fitted with the most advanced state of the art CNC machinery. Reem Emirates Aluminum (REA) has expanded its global presence. In addition to its Head Office in Abu Dhabi, REA now has office in Qatar. As a rule Reem Emirates Aluminum (REA) is involved during the earliest stages of a project, giving technical advice and scheduling information. This guarantees and improves the quality of its architectural claddings, thereby answering to the needs of the customer, and allowing for the architect's plans to become a reality in the most cost-effective and timely method. REA has built strong relationships with many architects worldwide, who appreciate our expertise and attention to detail. Our reputation for reliability and dependability is well deserved and proven, and makes us the obvious choice for curtain walling expertise for architectural firms.


With leading designers with over 25 years of experience, REA have a strong commitment to seeing architectural dreams realised, without compromise. Our designers are excited to be closely involved with ground-breaking and often breath-taking architectural designs, using the latest technology. With constant improvements and innovations in the field, they keep up to date with the latest industry developments, and are able to incorporate these into their designs, thriving on the challenges of each new architectural design. Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction through proactively understanding the customer’s needs, complying with  internationally recognized quality standards, industry accepted practices and adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements. We are dedicated to providing superior solutions for architectural Curtain Walls through Research and Development, innovative production technology, state of the art equipment and highly motivated employees. We are also promoting energy efficient, environmentally friendly facade construction, while achieving added value for our customers. Due to REA’s unprecedented success the company has recently established two specific business units which will allow REA to offer more services to its client, Reem Emirates Glass (REG), Reem Emirates Metals (REM) and Reem Emirates Cladding (REC).

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